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A Memorial Photograph...

Should Speak to Your Soul

A Wedding Portrait...

Should Cause You to Lovingly Reflect

A Bodyscape...

Should Mesmerize You

A Conceptual Image

Should Weave a Story

A Beautiful Photograph...

Should Always Be A Visual Poem

Heather Hiller Photography...
behind the lens!

Over 20 years of professional experience

From horse farm shoots in Southern California, to law enforcement photo documentation on the explosives range in Virginia to living room family portraits in Pennsylvania... I've yet to find a photo project I haven't loved undertaking!

Be it out in the woods, up on a cliff, behind a couple hundred machine gunners, covered in mud and mosquitos, hanging off the side of a bridge, kneeling in the middle of a herd of stampeding horses, surrounded by 10,000 rumbling motorcycles, or quietly capturing beauty in the studio... as a photographer... I always capture the moments you want memorialized!


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Some of My Work

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What I Shoot

I LOVE what I do... and this is a key element to the client loving the work that I've created for them. Without this passion... one may as well just throw paint at a board and hope something sticks.
As a fine-art photographer, I focus the bulk of my portfolio on mesmerizing portraits, breath-taking bodyscapes, powerful motorcycles, and thought-provoking conceptual creations.


Celebrating the fluidity of form

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beloved pets... horses, dogs, cats...

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Illustrates an idea...a single snapshot of life.

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sports, weddings, festivals, corporate, & more

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windows to the soul

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Still Life/Products

Careful, detailed studies

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motorcycles, classic cars, tractors, & more

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Water is life...

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Recent Projects

I am incredibly honored to have been chosen as the photographer
requested to capture these timeless memories for the following clients