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What are “Bodyscapes” and boudoir photo shoots? In my mind… any image which celebrates the beauty and form of the human figure is a bodyscape. Also in my mind, any image which captures the seductive potential of a couple or individual… through subtle poses, lighting and apparel is classified as boudoir photography. Bodyscapes are more a graceful “still life study”, while boudoir images capture an emotion and intimacy. Bodyscapes are akin to admiring a breathtaking classical painting, while a boudoir image is akin to the emotional reaction you have when you slide your fingers into the hand of your loved one. Both elicit both emotional and physiological responses… endorphins are released, anticipation and happiness overcome you, your heart rate increases, pupils dilate, and respiration tends to become shallower and quicker. These responses are normally associated with pleasurable emotions and experiences. So that is the analytical answer to what these two forms of photography are, to me.

I invite you to drop me a line and set up an appointment to talk about your idea/vision. And if you know you want this style of photoshoot, but you really don’t have a theme or concept for the shoot… no worries, I have limitless ideas! Bodyscapes and boudoir shoots are two of my favorite styles of photography. All shoots are private and secure… it’s just me and anyone you want to include. This type of shoot… my primary goals are for the “model” to be completely comfortable and for me to show them how incredibly beautiful they can be. I am available for couples photography, boudoir photography, fetish photography, bodyscape photography, etc. If you have a specialty need… please feel free to share those interests with me during our initial consult… I have access to a wide number of alternative “venues” and props, etc.


Business / Industrial

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to get “behind the scenes” at some really unique businesses in order to create images to be used in various corporate marketing plans. To date I’ve been contracted to photograph for a NG business, multiple restaurants, various law enforcement entities, a couple different agro-businesses, dozens of firearm events for a training company, a couple years worth of machine gun events, a number of horse farms, contract work for half a dozen different magazines, and more. Examples of the industries we’ve photographed for: Natural Gas, Law Enforcement, Legal, Equine, Logistics, Firearms, Agriculture, Hair Salons, Restaurants, Publishing, K9 Training Products, K9 Training, and many more.

Does your business need to freshen up it’s public image? Email me if you’d like to discuss your photography needs for your marketing plans.

Examples - coming soon

Companions (Pets)

If you have pets, is there anything you wouldn’t do for your “fur family”? I remember the very first photo I ever took, of one of my barn cats, when I was only about 10 years old. To this day, some of my favorite shoots have been of client’s animals. I love critters! My husband says if he didn't hold me down to a medioum roar... I'd have a home full of orphan critters... be they chickens, peacocks, birds, cats, squirrels, dogs, lizards, etc! And some of my most enjoyable clients... are critters. I've photographed a wide spectrum of companion animals... from working k9's, cats, cows, chickens, peacocks, snakes, turtles, and everything in between.

If you would like to talk about scheduling a farm/pet photo shoot, please touch base with me and we can discuss your needs… and you can tell me a bit about your beloved fur person!


Events (festivals, classes, etc)

What type of events do I photograph? Horse shows, classic car gatherings, firearms training events, motorcycle rides, sporting events, festivals, law enforcement training, cultural celebrations, etc. My specialty are anything firearms-related, and anything motorcycle-related. However, festivals and classic vehicle shows are also right up my alley! As with all my photography contracts, I am willing to travel to wherever your event is being held.

If you have plans for any sort of event/gathering, and would like a phtographic record/memorial of the event/function, please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.


Events - Family (family reunions, weddings, funerals, etc)

Family is everything!. Weddings are not my primary focus, but that's only because I'm one person and I feel that most weddings should be captured by two photographers. The weddings I have done... I've always made arrangements for a second photographer to also capture the days events. With this being said, I prefer to photograph small, intimate-stye weddings. I've been contracted to do a number of engagement photo shoots... and those are always some of my favorite shoots. Capturing those private little intimate moments between two people deeply in love and excited about spending the future together... those are treasured photo shoots.

Additional family functions I photograph... reunions, parties, and numerous funerals (when else, besides weddings, do most families gather together to share poignant moments?)


Horses and Horse Shows

Is there any 4-legged creature more majestic or beautiful than a horse? If you're like me... the answer is "NO"! I owned my first horse by the age of 12... and I've never stopped being owned by these mesmerizing creatures! When I moved to San Diego, MANY years ago, I was able to realize my childhood dream of owning an Andalusian. I stil remember the first time I sat astride this incredible breed. I was working for an equine newspaper and was invited to interview a small breeder located out in the desert. I arrived at the farm, and immediately she invited me to go out coyote hunting with her astride one of her Andalusians. What a blast... and no, we harmed no coyotes. I was 100% hooked after that and within a few months, my heart was owned by the most precious 5 month old Andalusian filly by the incomperable Ravel (Jdon Farms). I lived in San Diego for over 20 years, and most of that time I spent behind a camera at various clients farms photographing their show/breeding horses. Back then, I was shooting film (not digital). I still have 5 file card boxes packed with thousands of photos of horses I’ve had the immense joy to photograph. Upon moving to Pennsylvania, I (sadly) left all my horse clients behind. Now, years later, I have recently picked up a couple new (East Cost) horse clients, as well as picked up photographig shows and clinics.

If you would like to talk about scheduling a farm or event photo shoot, please touch base with me and we can discuss your needs…

Horse Examples Horse Show Examples

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement and Military hold a very special place in my heart. Much of my portfolio, at 88 Dragon Design Studio, is dedicated to capturing our first responders doing what they do best… preparing to protect all of us. I try to capture the moments we all forget about. I want the public to see what I see… men and women who are willing to run towards the dangers in the world in order to keep the rest of the world safe. I equate law enforcement, military and all first responders to modern-day dragon slayers. They are our knights… standing against the darkness… trying to keep the village from burning to the ground. I truly believe that most of us have no idea of the sacrifices these brave individuals make for us… people they don’t even know. And most of us can’t even imagine putting our lives on the line to save strangers. So I do my part to capture their lives, their stories, their “moments”. I attempt to make these sheepdogs tangible to us. I want to help make people more aware of the individuals behind the uniforms and badges. So please take a few moments to go visit my 88 Dragon website and explore the other world of our first responders. Then take another moment to give your thanks that so many brave and good people are out in our world willing and able to help us during our darkest and most fearful moments.

And if you’re a local/state PD/FD/EMS looking for promotional/PR photos or legal photographic documentation during training exercises, please do email me. Much of my LE/FD/EMS work is gratis.

First Responder Examples

Motorcycles (and other Vehicles)

What can I say about photographing motorcycles… other than… OH MY! I may not have a high appreciation for jewelry, but I do love shiny things! Chrome, steel, deep rich paints you feel like to could fall into and get lost, the smell of exhaust, the deep rumbling of a Harley revving, the pure freedom of the wind parting to make way for you as you roar down the road… SERIOUSLY… what isn’t there to love about the sexy lines of a well-built piece of machinery? People undergo a metamorphosis as soon as they throw a leg over the saddle of a motorcycle, I’ve noticed. We go from creatures of habit and “the system” to freedom-loving individuals who can (almost) dictate their dynasty. We feel invincible when astride these magnificent machines. For the short amount of time when we’re riding, the weight of the world slips away and is replaced by simply “feeling” the road, the rumble between your legs, the buffet of wind against your face, the heat of the sun, the freedom of speed and power. This is what I capture in my motorcycle photography. I want to grab all those “feelings” and freeze them into an image so expressive that the viewer knows exactly what the rider is experiencing… sans the occasional bug splat to the face.

Take a few minutes to look through my “vehicle” portfolio and see how great I could make you and your bike look. And yes… I also photograph classic and muscle cars. Heck, I’ll even photograph tractors, airplanes, helicopters, and decrepit old jalopies stuck in the back yard. I seem to be able to find the mysticism and beauty in anything with an engine! I look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss where and what you’d like photographed!



Portrait photography is an ever elastic subject. I am NOT just a studio photographer. Do I have a “studio”? Yes. However, my most creative work is done off-site, and “casual”. I want my portraits to actually capture the spirit and energy of the “model”. So many times studio shoots are sterile and flat. I detest photography that doesn’t have feeling and convey emotion… and I’ve found that putting a “model” in a setting they are fully comfortable in (the golf course, the woods, on the back of a horse, on their motorcycle, seconds away from skydiving, skinny dipping, etc) is the best way to create memorable images for the client. So, based on my statement above, I’m sure you can see that I’ll go almost anywhere to capture the best portrait of an individual or group of people. I might not jump out of the plane with you, but I’ll be there as you make the jump! So what types of portrait photography will I shoot? Anything! I’m equally creative with photo shoots out on the gun range as I am in the corporate office. Need a Senior photo or political portrait? Engagement photos to full family portraits… I would love to create something beautiful and professional for you.

I was recently entrusted to capture the beauty of an infant with mom. What a magical moment to be able to share. Do I consider myself an infant photographer? Heavens no! However, I very much enjoyed my first foray into this area, and have studied (heavily) all the in’s and out’s/do’s and dont’s of infant and maternity photography. The true magical moments of “infant” photography occur when baby is with mom or dad… one-on-one. The connection between child and parent… mesmerizing!



The key to making people look good... the photographer must be able to capture the model's inner spirit. This is an intangible skill... one either has the ability, or they don't. Retouching is simply the final step in creating a breathtaking photograph of someone. My most common retouching techniques: smoothing worry lines and skin tones, healing peeling baby feet, adding make-up, full glamour, sharpening eyes, changing hair color/tones, removing backgrounds and adding backgrounds, merging multiple photos into a single image, etc.



Product photography is a very small portion of my work portfolio, but I do maintained an active clientele in this medium. Do you have a small restaurant and need new menu photos of the meals you create? Are you an artist looking to present your work on web media or for an upcoming show? How about tattoo shops looking for photographs of your most exquisite work for a feature in a magazine? A gun manufacturer looking for range pictures for advertising purposes? Perhaps you have a winery/brewery/cidery and need pictures of your business and bottled products? Please email me and let me know what your business/product needs are, and we can discuss options and availability. I look forward to assisting you with your photographic needs.


Special Consignment/ Conceptual Projects

Special Consignments are probably my favorite projects. Most times, an SC is a perfect melding of tangible and conceptual concepts. The client brings me an “idea” and a purpose (what they want to actually DO with the finished image), and then cuts me loose to create magic for them. Magazine covers, book and album artwork, poster pieces, DVD jackets, photo montages, website images, documentary and fictional article artwork/images… there is no limit to what we can create together. I create art from my photography! Lets create something amazing together!