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Bodyscape Gallery

"Celebrating the eternal beauty of the human figure"
What are “Bodyscapes” and boudoir photo shoots? In my mind… any image which celebrates the beauty and form of the human figure is a bodyscape. Also in my mind, any image which captures the seductive potential of a couple or individual… through subtle poses, lighting and apparel is classified as boudoir photography. Bodyscapes are more a graceful “still life study”, while boudoir images capture an emotion and intimacy. Bodyscapes are akin to admiring a breathtaking classical painting, while a boudoir image is akin to the emotional reaction you have when you slide your fingers into the hand of your loved one. Both elicit both emotional and physiological responses… endorphins are released, anticipation and happiness overcome you, your heart rate increases, pupils dilate, and respiration tends to become shallower and quicker. These responses are normally associated with pleasurable emotions and experiences. So that is the analytical answer to what these two forms of photography are, to me.

So how scary is a bodyscape or boudoir photoshoot? Well, for each person the answer is going to be different. I can tell you that I have been honored to photograph a variety of “models”… some have asked for a shoot because they wanted an esteem boost, others desired something beautiful to gift to their significant other, and still others wished to capture a moment and emotion. No matter what your interest in your own sensual photo shoot, know that I will do everything in my power to make certain your experience is relaxing, professional and results in images you will fall in love with.

So what type of bodyscape images are my specialty? I utilize my fine art background in order to create both “story” bodyscapes and “study” bodyscapes. What does that mean? Well, story bodyscapes are normally shot outdoors and the images actually “tell a story”. A story bodyscape can include costume props, waterfalls, etc. A story bodyscape is like taking an imaginary snapshot out of your favorite book. The possibilities are endless! If you can think of a theme… I’m certain I can make your idea come to life…with YOU as the star character. Study bodyscapes are more “controlled”. Studies are exactly what they sound like… a study of the human form. This type of bodyscape is fine art.

What type of boudoir shoots do I photograph? Well, a better question is probably… what are you looking for? Do you want a couples shoot with your significant other or spouse? Are you wanting to capture your pregnancy to share with your child someday? Do you want a sensual photoshoot, or perhaps an intimate shoot? Do you want to capture your more fetish side? I haven’t, yet, discovered a client who I had to turn away due to their photography needs. Every person is individual… and every single one of us have different needs or dreams. It’s simply my job to help you express your dreams through my photos of you.

So I invite you to drop me a line and set up an appointment to talk about your idea/vision. And if you know you want this style of photoshoot, but you really don’t have a theme or concept for the shoot… no worries, I have limitless ideas! Bodyscapes and boudoir shoots are two of my favorite styles of photography. All shoots are private and secure… it’s just me and anyone you want to include. This type of shoot… my primary goals are for the “model” to be completely comfortable and for me to show them how incredibly beautiful they can be. I am available for couples photography, boudoir photography, fetish photography, bodyscape photography, etc. If you have a specialty need… please feel free to share those interests with me during our initial consult… I have access to a wide number of alternative “venues” and props, etc.