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Events: Family Gallery

"Family bonds"

Family is everything!. Weddings are not my primary focus, but that's only because I'm one person and I feel that most weddings should be captured by two photographers. The weddings I have done... I've always made arrangements for a second photographer to also capture the days events. With this being said, I prefer to photograph small, intimate-stye weddings. I've been contracted to do a number of engagement photo shoots... and those are always some of my favorite shoots. Capturing those private little intimate moments between two people deeply in love and excited about spending the future together... those are treasured photo shoots.

Additional family functions I photograph... reunions, parties, baptisms, as well as funerals (when else, besides weddings, do most families gather together to share poignant moments?). If you are interested in having me photograph your family event: wedding, reunion, funeral, etc, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs.